Bylaw and Unique Layouts for Terraces

The terraces of public establishments (bars, restaurants, shops) play a very important part in planning the use of the city's public space, as they have a big impact community life in cities. The bylaw on terraces allows the main guidelines to be set for restaurateurs, by harmonising their presence with the other citizen uses of public spaces. Bylaws on specific layouts enable spaces to be regulated according to conditions or specific needs, by working in detail to ensure the terraces fit in.

Barcelona City Council therefore intends to get the sector's main public and economic players involved, both in monitoring the implementation of bylaw and in establishing unique layouts for the city's iconic spaces.

Participatory structure and players involved

In the case of all exceptional bylaws and those prior provisions considered to have sufficient scope, a participatory process is held before initial approval is given to include the views and needs of all those involved, including residents. 

As the following table shows, the participatory process envisages three distinct stages: a diagnostic stage, a second stage to analyse the draft bylaw and a final stage to close the process and present the draft for administrative processing.

Estructura participativa - Tipologies de Sessions i Objectius de cadascuna





                 DIAGNOSTIC session               

  • To put the terrace bylaw in its legal context.

  • To explain the diagnostic work done in this area.

  • To gather suggestions for completing the analysis.


DRAFT session

  • To give the results of the previous session.

  • To explain the draft bylaw.

  • To gather suggestions for modifying or including in the draft.


CLOSING session

  • To present the final draft of the exceptional bylaws.

  • To explain the draft approval process.

  • To give the dates for presenting objections. 

However, apart from the participatory process during the drafting stage, it is envisaged that the views of various players will be included at various points in the processing of the bylaw:

- Inclusion of the Barcelona Federation of Residents' Associations (FAVB) and Arquinfad among the members of the Terrace Technical Committee

- Public information relating to the initial approval of bylaws and the period for public scrutiny and objections.