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Green Roof Competition

The City Council is launching the green roof competition, an initiative to create ten new green roof terraces and publicise the benefits, both for the city and the buildings on which they are located.

Green roofs are one of the key means of achieving a greener and more sustainable city, as established in government measures such as the Barcelona Green and Biodiversity Plan for 2020. And the Programme for Promoting the Urban Green Infrastructure.

Subsidies will be awarded for the creation of ten green roofs in the city, preferably on residential buildings, but also on other buildings with a major impact on the landscape or capable of bringing about collective and social improvements.

Fifty proposals will initially be selected and awarded a first grant of €1,500 to carry out the preliminary technical work. Out of these 50 projects, ten finalists will be chosen and receive a subsidy of up to 75% of the costs of all the initiatives and technical studies that need to be carried out (project, rates, taxes, etc.,) up to a limit of €100,000 for each roof.

This competition has come about thanks to the initiative of the working group “Cobertes Mosaic”, made up of organisations signed up to the Citizen Commitment to Sustainability 2012-2022 (members of the More Sustainable Barcelona network) who work to develop initiatives in a collaborative way to make Barcelona a more habitable city.

Cobertes Mosaic

On November 13 will be the deadline for the submission of proposals in the pre-selection phase (where 50 proposals will be chosen).

Frequently Asked Questions (Catalan - PDF, 1,5MB)

Cobertes Mosaic Group

There is a project team that promotes the creation of green roofs, under the framework of the Barcelona Commitment to the Climate, to mitigate and adapt Barcelona to Climate Change.


To help with the proposal work, specific documents have been put at the disposal of the participants in the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

This link lets you consult the file with the answers to most frequent questions related to the implementation of Green Roof Programme in the city.