Smart city at schools

The Smart Education programme is aimed at bringing the concepts of innovation and smartness to students through activities and workshops. During this school year, it will take place at five centers of the city.

Some of the things students can learn through this programme for training on smart cities is how works a smart parking or smart traffic lights. "We want to bring this idea to the people of Barcelona, a city that uses new technologies to improve the quality of life of people, and do it from a young age is a good experience" said Edward Martin, the Director of Innovation at the Local Institute of Computer Science.

In order to carry it out, content adapted for different ages have been created to get participation and interaction from children and youth. The programme, which has been developed in collaboration with 'Smart City Business Institute is part of the 22 points in Smart City Barcelona and includes specific training for teachers. 7 year-old students from Joan Pelegrí School were the first ones to participate in the activity, which will be available for 10 and 12 year-old studens, as well as for Secondary students. During this school year, the 'Smart Education' programme will take place in five different schools.

8 year-old students learn the “smart” concept through the story of ONA and a painting a workshop. In the case of 10 year-old students, they work with “Little Hero Smart” app, where they will have to face challenges. Activities addressed at 12 year-old students are a “smart” walk and a introduction to robotics. Secondary students will participate in manufacturing workshops in cultural centres.