New pet shelter

Some two thousand pets, cats and dogs, are found every year on the road, lost or abandoned, and the Barcelona Pet Shelter (CAACB) is the highest body responsible for looking after them until they are reunited with their families or adopted by new ones.

Today's CAACB was built in 1972, as a dog pound, which is unable to positively meet the needs of dogs and cats and ferrets lost or abandoned in the city, owing to their structural limitations and needs.

Barcelona needs a 21st-century CAACB, adapted to the goal of working for the benefit of vulnerable animals. That is why the centre will have a new location on land owned by Barcelona City Council within the municipal catchment of Montcada i Reixac. It is an estate known by the name of Torre Doña Juana, boasting an area of 90,000 m2, next to the Collserola cemetery.

Specifically, the space where the centre will be located comprises 19,720 m2 and the access to the building is 2.355m2. In total, the new CAACB will occupy 22,075 m2.

A plan for improving the current shelter's management and provision of services has been implemented in parallel to the project for the new CAACB: the animal-behaviour service has been strengthened, the Volunteering project is being worked on (in the light of the implementation in July 2017 of the new Act on Volunteering) and a series of investments has been launched for urgent basic improvements, such as the operating room facility and the outpatient care room, as well as a renovation of the cat quarantine cages and the creation of a space for looking after puppies and old dogs. The improvement plan is being implemented through an investment of €130,000.

22,075 m2

will have the new shelter

19,720 m2

is the surface of the area

2,355 m2

are intended for accessing to the building