Positive community life and pets

Barcelona is an animal-friendly city, a benchmark pioneer for other cities and local authorities when it comes to pro-animal rights’ legislation. It has been protecting animals and safeguarding their rights since 1998.

The City Council’s Animal Welfare Department sees that these rights and the well-being of pets are guaranteed, so such animals can enjoy a desirable quality of life, in particular the lost or abandoned animals being looked after in the Barcelona Pet Shelter (CAACB), until they are reunited with their families or are adopted by a new one.

Meanwhile, the city has a fully developed network of recreational areas for dogs at its disposal, where these pets can run, play and do their business. The aim is to get each district to have one with an area of over 700m2. Under the framework of responsible pet ownership, these facilities help to ensure public spaces are used in a way that is compatible with positive community life.

In this regard, Barcelona is responsible for positive community life between people, animals and the environment. And it is in this common space that public collaboration is required to be jointly responsible for keeping public spaces clean, and having civic attitudes to promote coexistence with other public-road users. Responsible pet ownership in Barcelona means complying with a series of commitments, both to animals and the society we live in.