Casernes de Sant Andreu

Barcelona City Council and the Zona Franca Consortium reached an agreement on 2 December 2015 to reactivate the urban development of the old Casernes de Sant Andreu.

Under the protocol signed, the Consortium is to hand over to the City Council 4 estates with facilities and services, covering a total surface area of 6,200 m2 and  23,000 m2 of ceiling in the Casernes area. In exchange, the City Council will assume the costs of 13 million euros for Casernes urban development work.

The estates for facilities that are handed over to the Council are expected to have a block of flats built there with services for elderly people (Les Casernes park - green road); a civic centre and another housing block for elderly people (between Rbla Equipaments, Ptge Est and C/ Palomar); a nursery school and a housing block with services (C/ Coronel Monasterio) and an administrative building (between C/ Coronel Monasterio and C/ Palomar).

Under the agreement, the Consortium is expected to open its first building in 2016 to rehouse the 68 families from the neighbourhood affected by the urban development work.


Working for a quality and accessible public space for everyone, to alleviate housing inadequacies and the lack of facilities, and to foster its centrality and accessibility.


Sorting out mobility and connection inadequacies between neighbourhoods.