The amendment of the General Metropolitan Plan includes two locations spread across a total surface area of 201,174m2: the area defined by Carrer de Castillejos, Carrer de Bolívia, Carrer de Badajoz-Independència and Carrer de Consell de Cent; and the plot located on the corner of Carrer de Nàpols and Gran Via.

This amendment, which was addressed by the Government Commission on 13 December 2016, replaced the plan in force, created and approved in 2007 with widespread political and social support; it represents another step in the development of this part of the city and addresses key aspects of the construction of the park, properties and facilities in this area.

For further details, consult the Glòries website.


The need to improve the construction and consolidation of a new park in the centre of the city expanding over a large, continuous surface area in which the value of the Rec Comtal and the leisure time of residents are prioritised.


Surface traffic and roadway planning, based on a sustainable mobility model for the area that prioritises pedestrian routes.


Drawing up definitions in terms of property as part of the plan in force and the Commitment to Glòries, adhering to the plan to allocate half of all new properties to public housing and respecting the surrounding architecture.


The gradual definition of facilities as part of the Commitment to Glòries plan within the framework of the amendment to the General Metropolitan Plan and its suitability in terms of the local action programme.


The rehabilitation of existing industrial heritage to harness its value and emphasise its utilisation.