The new Model

Barcelona City Council is making progress in reclaiming the spaces of the old penitentiary centre and the participatory process for defining its immediate and future uses. The former prison closed on 8 June this year and the City Council has prepared a roadmap with activities in the prison facilities, which are located in Esquerra de l’Eixample, to breathe life into what is to become major hub of neighbourhood and city facilities.

In that regard, this summer sees the start of a public debate between representatives of the Council and neighbourhood, retail and historical memory organisations with the aim of having a proposal for uses and facilities ready by early 2018 that updates the 2009 Master Plan.

At the same time activities are being organised so local people can reclaim the area, such as an exhibition on the prison’s history, sessions of the public forum on the Model’s future, neighbourhood council meetings and academic debates.

From 1 January 2018 the centre will also be permanently open so the public can visit it, and areas will be set aside for organising temporary activities linked to the Model project.

For more information:

La Model website