Pere IV

The project for re-urbanising Pere IV involves reclaiming the old Carretera de França as a new Sant Martí civic and heritage hub.

The aim is to transform this road, along the section between C/ Roc Boronat and C/ Bilbao, and make its environment more pleasant, with calmed traffic and pedestrian priority. This new civic hub is meant to help to bring life to the neighbourhoods that the road passes along and revitalising Poblenou’s industrial heritage, which is going through a recovery and historical identity with new uses for social and cooperative economic activities.

The hub's recovery criteria here are as follows:

  • Civic nature
  • Better relations between urban-planning developments
  • Strengthening coordination between public spaces, facilities and heritage elements
  • Boosting the street's unique morphology
  • Evolutionary transformation by combining existing projects with new opportunities and attracting investments
  • Sustained small- and large-scale economic reflation

Carrying out the development work along the first section to be done, between C/ Roc Boronat and C/ Bilbao. The remodelling work is expected to finish in July 2017.