Renewal and other exchanging events

In the city, there are various events where people can exchange items that they no longer use but which are in a good state of repair. Other people may be able to give these items a new lease of life. This is the case with the municipal programmes "Renew your wardrobe" and "Revamp your toys", which are part of the 2012-2020 Waste Prevention Plan. This establishes strategies that foster a more efficient, rational use of resources, the reuse and recycling of objects and the prevention of waste generation.

“Renew your wardrobe ” is a second-hand clothing exchange campaign to foster responsible consumerism and waste prevention. It is promoted by city organisations, associations and facilities, with the support of Barcelona City Council. Barcelona.

Because consuming more does not mean living better, and what may be waste for one person may be an opportunity for another.

Revamp your toys With toys given as Christmas presents, this initiative is a chance to reuse, share and consume in a more responsible way during the time of year when we consume most.

Exchanging events

Civic iniciatives for supportive events (in Catalan):