Álvaro Porro, the new Commissioner replacing Jordi Via


The Commissioner’s scope of action has been extended to include Local Development.

Álvaro Porro has been the new Commissioner for Social Economy, Local Development and Consumption since 1 July, replacing Jordi Via who has left the post for personal reasons.

The Commissioner’s scope for action includes the Social and Solidarity Economy, Time and Care Economy policies and the area of Consumption envisaged previously. That, therefore, involves the plans and strategies for promoting the Social and Solidarity Economy, plus the government measure for democratising care, and encouraging responsible consumption and food policies. But it has also has broadened the scope for action to Local Development, in order to give a new impetus to local economic development policies in the neighbourhoods, linking them to consumption policies and promoting social and economic projects that help to transform the social and business reality by means of initiatives geared towards creating wealth and jobs.

The Commissioner’s Office wants to acknowledge the work and dedication of Jordi Via, who, for two years, has led the way in shaping and structuring new public policies for strengthening and promoting the social and solidarity economy, responsible consumption, food policies, and time and the care economy. He was also a key figure in coordinating this pluralistic and transformational economic vision and strategy for Barcelona. We wish you all the best, good health and a plenty of cooperativism, Jordi!

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