Gràcia rolls out its own Social and Solidarity Economy


Several activities dedicated to the SSE have been organised for the September to December period.

El Bosc Turull, La Caníbal, Les Trementinaires, Titània Tascó Llevadores, the Volta collective, and so on. The last few years have seen Gràcia’s neighbourhoods building a network strongly rooted in Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) initiatives. Thanks to the citizen participation project known as “Decidim Gràcia 2017” (Let’s decide the Gràcia of 2017), Gràcia’s residents have chosen two projects linked to the social and solidarity economy that will be implemented this year under the title of “Roll out Gràcia, a social and solidarity district”. On the one hand, associations and initiatives promoting the SSE in Gràcia have organised several routes and talks. And, on the other, SSE training sessions and mentoring points have been launched that target a very diverse audience, ranging from families to professionals, shops and interested local residents.

Cooperative housing models, audiovisuals as a transformational tool and the social and solidarity economy as an alternative establish the themes of the three routes that will take you through five Gràcia initiatives and associations working under SSE criteria. Their format includes a preliminary talk to explore the issue in a dynamic and participatory way, from iconic places such as the Bosc Turull Environmental Classroom and El Coll Civic Centre.

Volunteers and activists on the “Pam a Pam” (Step by Step) project, also known as “xinxetes”, have organised these routes, on which they will explain their project, how it contributes to social transformation and what its social impact on the area will be. In fact, a group of activists known as the “xinxetes taronges” will be set up in Gràcia in September and tasked with gradually identifying initiatives in the district, by finding out about them, interviewing their proponents and uploading them onto the website, through a process of activism and training. Two specific training sessions have been organised for September and October to create this group. You will need to book your place in advance if you wish to sign up for both the routes and the training sessions. All the dates can be consulted on the website.

Alongside the routes, the District has also organised a set of 13 specific training sessions on aspects of the SSE that are targeted at families, shops and professionals. They will be held every Tuesday afternoon, from September to December, and linked to some mentoring points. These points will be open every Tuesday morning to attend to the needs of specific groups and help local residents to clear up any queries over the scope of the SSE, by listening to everyone and letting them have their say.

On top of that, a general information point on the project has been set up in the La Violeta Popular Culture Centre bar. It will be available every last Thursday of the month, from September to December, between 6 and 8 pm.

All these initiatives are designed to train and educate people in the Social and Solidarity Economy, raising its profile and introducing it to the public by linking up SSE organisations, and promoting cooperation and exchanging resources between them.
All the information on this initiative’s activities can be consulted on its website.

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