What can the Social and Solidarity Economy Advisory Service do for us?

Several users of the service explain how the service has helped them to launch or establish their project.


Barcelona Activa backs new care services initiatives

A new training and guidance programme gets under way for entrepreneurs in the field of caring for others.


The SSE Local Authorities Network has grown with five new members

There are now 36 local authorities that have pledged to implement public policies for boosting the SSE


The REC, a pilot scheme for citizen currency in the Besòs neighbourhoods

The currency will come into use in May in the ten Besòs neighbourhoods, providing a boost for local commerce.


Want to apply for a subsidy for your SSE project?

Various information sessions on this year’s subsidies are being held throughout April.


The SSE is being strengthened through women's leadership

Barcelona Activa's two women-led programmes for supporting and strengthening projects have come to an end.


Responsible consumption as part of a sustainable socio-economic model

The facility will offer activities, resources and proposals based around responsible consumption and awareness.


We are funding Social and Solidarity Economy projects together

The 24 projects selected have until 9 April to reach their funding objectives.


Presenting La Pionera, the new entrepreneurial and SSE centre

The centre will open every weekend as from 21 April, and is located at the end of Passeig de Calvell del Poblenou.


New legislation to ensure public procurement is subject to social criteria

The new framework promotes participation from SSE associations in contracts with public authorities.