• A new impetus to Creation Factories

    Creation Factories will be the cornerstone on which to channel municipal support for cultural creations, under a modern support programme for Barcelona’s talent.

    More http://ajuntament.barcelona.cat/empresa-cultura-innovacio/sites/default/files/nou.jpg
  • Strategic Tourism Plan 2020

    The Strategic Plan for Tourism 2020 includes the lines of action that will guide the tourist policies of the City Council over the next few years.

    What is it? http://ajuntament.barcelona.cat/empresa-cultura-innovacio/sites/default/files/turisme-500x280-cat.jpg
  • Culture Institute of Barcelona - ICUB

    The Culture Institute was created by Barcelona City Council in 1996 to position Barcelona's culture as one of the primary assets for the development and projections of the city, through the management of municipal cultural facilities and services

    ICUB website http://ajuntament.barcelona.cat/empresa-cultura-innovacio/sites/default/files/barcelonacultura_webb2atine_2.jpg
  • Business Suport Office (OAE)

    All you need to set up your company in Barcelona

    Web OAE http://ajuntament.barcelona.cat/empresa-cultura-innovacio/sites/default/files/newbarcelona_activa_oae_2.jpg
  • Meet Barcelona

    A space for everyone keen to discover Barcelona

    Meet Barcelona http://ajuntament.barcelona.cat/empresa-cultura-innovacio/sites/default/files/meet-home_1.jpg


Plan to digitalise local commerce

10/03/2018 - 10:28h

Comerç. Municipal government measure to stimulate online sales among retailers and stallholders, with training and digitalisation grants.

Fira de Barcelona to manage the CCIB

21/02/2018 - 11:05h

Economy. The site next to the Fòrum will become part of Fira de Barcelona’s range of venues for congresses and exhibition as from 2021.

A new space for people starting out

16/02/2018 - 17:21h

Enterprise. La Pionera is a new facility in Poblenou which will work as a springboard for 300 entrepreneurial projects, at the same time offering a space for cultural and culinary initiatives.

Strategic projects

Creation Factories programme

This government measure aims to achieve a series of five large-scale goals: a comprehensive framework of relations; a model of communal governance; a quantitative and qualitative system of evaluation; a comprehensive definition of programmes and an extension of the Creation Factories network.

Barcelona: Open City

Summary of the strategic lines for the international economic promotion of Barcelona over the coming years and the action of the Department for the Promotion of the City.

Barcelona Audiovisual

The government measure on cultural matters includes a series of actions aimed at encouraging and consolidating an audiovisual policy. Barcelona will invest €1.4 million in promoting the audiovisual sector.

Strategic Tourism Plan 2020

The 2020 Strategic Plan for Tourism includes the lines of action that will guide the City Council's tourist policies in coming years. This includes the 10 strategic programmes that define the 30 lines of action and the 100 operational measures that will respond to future strategic challenges.

Barcelona Literary City

The main aim of the government measure for the book sector is to put together a comprehensive policy that creates the highest possible levels of complicity with the main players involved in a sector that has great strengths, but which is also subject to a number of technological challenges and uncertainties arising from globalisation.

Barcelona Cultural District

A stable circuit of professional shows and a programme for creating community arts projects, which aims to bring the general public into closer contact with culture and culture into closer contact with the general public, so that people may become active cultural players.

High-quality, local restaurants

The municipal government aims to promote the restaurant sector, considered to be of fundamental importance to the city, because, among other things, it provides work for around 63,000 people and keeps 7,000 establishments open.