Barcelona will be cultural or it won’t be Barcelona. Barcelona City Council believes in culture as a means of participation, social transformation, territorial identification and job creation. The city’s cultural project aims to create new audiences, make culture more accessible to the general public and provide support for emerging local talent.

From the very beginning we have been working to showcase the city’s 37 neighbourhoods in cultural terms, by relocating certain activities and creating new centres, by boosting the “creation factories” (artistic creation centres housed in renovated old factories) so they become real talent nurseries with the publishing, performing arts, audiovisual and multimedia sectors jointly responsible for them, and by creating a plan that makes cultural life more accessible to the general public.

Balance is all important, because we are promoting Barcelona’s international brand image in terms of culture while also working to increase local attendance at municipal museums, with the aim of leading a broad metropolitan cultural space. We want to modernise the city's cultural sector in terms of innovation and digital technology, in order to manage culture in accordance with the demands of the 21st century.