Innovation and knowledge

Barcelona must promote, capitalise and showcase all the initiatives that help it to become a leader in innovation and smart cities. Together with companies, institutions and the general public, the city government aims to make Barcelona more innovative and more prosperous.

The key factors for achieving this are retaining, connecting and attracting local and international talent, helping to consolidate the surge in innovation by bringing together a critical mass of qualified professionals who create synergies with each other, leading to the establishment of new R&D laboratories and prioritising multidisciplinary research that helps to integrate innovation in the city, organisations, groups and companies.

We want a more innovative Barcelona, connecting and coordinating administration, research, business and the general public in projects that are developed in the economic and social fabric of the city’s districts, offering the city as a laboratory. One of the Area of Innovation’s aims is to connect the city with the Mobile World, fostering dialogue and showcasing the large-scale innovative projects of businesses and research centres.