Tourism and commerce recover well following the attack

No tinc por. The effect on commerce and tourism in the city has been minor and activity has recovered quicker than in other cities which have suffered attacks.

The first report on the effects of the attack on La Rambla in the thirty days afterwards show a recovery which was practically immediate, both in terms of tourism and commerce. The report also shows that Barcelona has recovered quicker than other cities which have suffered attacks recently.

Commercial activity in the vicinity of La Rambla suffered a negative impact in the first few days, though there has not been a generalised fall in sales, while hotel reservations and commercial tourist activity has been practically unaffected.

Hotel booking cancellations following the attack on 17 August mainly occurred over the first three days, accounting for 20% of the total, gradually recovering thereafter and regaining growth trends recorded since the start of the year. Flight bookings to Barcelona dropped 20% from locations abroad and 11% from the rest of Spain, recovering four weeks after the attack, while Paris needed a year and London two months.

Internal movement in the city has been barely affected and no major events have been postponed, neither fairs nor congresses programmed for the weeks after 17 August.