Culture, technology and international outreach

Economy. Experts from a dozen countries exchange experiences and projects on the creative industries and the promotion of cities during two days of meetings in Barcelona and Terrassa.

Barcelona and Terrassa are hosting working meetings today and tomorrow with experts from a dozen countries in creative industries, the promotion of cities and internationalisation. The main aim is to exchange ideas, projects and good practice within the framework of the Eurocities network, which brings together 135 European cities of more than 250,000 inhabitants.

The forum on cities got under way with a morning session at the MediaTIC building in Barcelona. Participating cities presented projects linked to the creative industries and cultural events promoting enterprising profiles in new technologies, as is the case of the Sónar and the Sónar + D, the congress organised in parallel where creativity and innovation converge.

Participants will be visiting the facilities at the Parc Audiovisual de Catalunya in Terrassa in the afternoon and reflecting on the role of this sort of institution in audio-visual and technological production, as well as how these types of initiatives can help internationalise the city and Catalonia as a whole.

On Thursday morning, the City Council is organising the seminar ‘City identity and reputation for economic, cultural and social development’. The event includes various round tables and working sessions on the promotion of cities and backing for economic and business activity and sustainable tourism,

Giving European cities a voice

The Eurocities network, with its head offices in Brussels, brings together over a hundred major cities in the EU and one of its main aims is to give a voice to European cities in EU institutions and help gain recognition for their essential role in the construction of Europe. At the same time, the network acts as a platform for sharing ideas, exchanging experiences and drafting innovative proposals in the spheres of the economy, culture, the environment, mobility, social policy and cooperation.