More help for young people to find work

Employment. Three new agreements with entities and universities in Catalonia mean extra support for unemployed young people at risk of social and labour exclusion.

Two new projects have been approved to continue boosting employment among young people at risk of social and labour exclusion, while a third initiative fosters entrepreneurial talent among university students.

Firstly, the ‘Connecta Jove Barcelona’ project, in collaboration with the Fundació Adsis – Fundació Èxit UTE, is a pilot service addressing four hundred young people in the city and aims to avoid them becoming inactive as they move from the education system to professional training. It also offers support for young people who have been away from the education system for some time and are currently out of work.

The project consists of professional advice, with an initial stage offering personalised support, a second stage entailing group action and a third and final stage focusing on labour insertion.

Secondly, an agreement has been reached with the Fundació Privada Joia to operate the project ‘Itinere Joves Nou Barris Les Basses’. This initiative aims to ensure professional self-sufficiency among young people with some sort of mental disorder, offering personalised professional guidance and help with finding work.

The overall objective is to achieve labour insertion for these people and actively help them keep their jobs, with follow-up at a personal level and if necessary with the company, guaranteeing coordination with the healthcare network.

Boosting entrepreneurialism

Finally, another agreement has been reached with the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) to promote entrepreneurialism and talent among university students via the Espai Emprèn project.

This initiative is aimed at students and young people who completed their studies less than two years ago, who have a business idea and need a space to be able to get it off the ground. Participants on the project will receive training and advice during the initial phases of setting up their company.

Another new programme is the eTechLab, a lab for technology projects providing solutions for problems in various sectors and identifying projects which can be referred to the MediaTIC incubator run by Barcelona Activa.