More subsidies to promote good work

Employment. ‘Good Work, Barcelona’ offers subsidies of up to 12,000 euros for each new contract paying more than 1,000 euros a month and lasting at least a year, aimed at collectives in need.

A new line of subsidies to incentivise labour insertion among the unemployed has been launched for contracts of a minimum of 12 months and a gross salary of 1,000 euros a month. The subsidies are available to companies which have been operating for at least six months and which have signed new work contracts for employees since 6 November, or do so throughout 2018.

The First Deputy Mayor, Gerardo Pisarello, stressed that the measure: “Aims to provide support for SMEs and the city’s network of companies, refocusing the labour market towards jobs with better wage conditions and stability”.

The ‘Good Work, Barcelona’ programme of subsidies consists of up to 10,000 euros for each new work contract of a year or more for people over 40 who are unemployed and have already been on employment programmes run by Barcelona Activa. That figure can rise to a maximum of 12,000 euros for contracts for people at risk of social exclusion who live in one of the priority action areas set out in the Neighbourhood Plan.

The initiative comes in addition to other measures by Barcelona Activa designed to have an effect on the labour market and achieve better conditions for workers. The latest initiative, entitled ‘Barcelona es compromet’ [Barcelona commits], has helped find work for 766 city residents belonging to three of the collectives with the most difficulties in finding jobs.

Out of the total number of new contracts generated, 412 were for long-term unemployed people over 40, while 284 were for people at risk of social exclusion and 70 were for young people registered with the Garantia Juvenil scheme.


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