New boost for art factories

Culture. The new model for art factories channels municipal support for cultural talent and creation in the city.

The city’s art factories are to channel municipal support for cultural creation, with a modern programme to back local talent. Two new features also mean the creation of affiliated art factories and an extra boost for the network in the metropolitan area.

“Ten years after putting this project into operation, this is the first time there has been a municipal government measure to introduce improvements which have been agreed with operators”, noted the Deputy Mayor for Enterprise, Culture and Innovation, Jaume Collboni. In the same vein, Collboni stated that “this creative system will respond to the need for policy which offers overall support for city talent and creation”.

One of the planned new features is the broadening of the network, incorporating existing initiatives operated privately or by associations and which form part of the city’s creative sphere. At the same time, new venues will be added from the metropolitan area, such as L’Hospitalet and Badalona, the idea being to “make it as easy as possible for those wanting to promote creative projects and, consequently, have an effect on the cultural density of the city itself”, noted Collboni.

The municipal government measure, to be debated in the next full council session, has five main objectives: a framework for global relations, a model for common governance, a quantitative and qualitative evaluation system, a global definition for programmes and the broadening of the art factory network.

The document outlining the municipal government measure is available here

Art Factories Programme

The programme was presented before Full Council in October 2007 as one of the main strategies in the sphere of culture. The main aim was to boost the city’s creative network, transforming unique buildings in the city into venues for generating culture and making them available for use by groups and associations as a way of stimulating creativity in the city.

The projects which form part of today’s Art Factory network are: La Caldera (dance), El Graner (dance), Hangar (visual and technological arts), La Central del Circ (circus), Nau Ivanow (performing arts), La Escocesa (visual arts and crafts), Ateneu Popular 9 Barris (circus), Sala Beckett (drama and performing arts), Seca Espai Brossa (performing arts), Tantarantana (performing arts) and the Fabra i Coats (multidisciplinary).