Shops improve waste management

Cleaning. The first stage of the public and commercial awareness campaign has led to 75% of establishments improving the way they manage waste.

Out of nearly 14,000 shops offered information by the awareness campaign on cleanliness in the city, nearly 75% have taken steps to improve the way they manage waste. The aim of the campaign is to make commercial establishments and the public jointly responsible for helping to keep the city clean. Other related action will follow in the coming months.


A hundred workers have been offering information during the campaign, which started in February and will run until January 2018. Twenty of them are informing commercial establishments about the waste collection service for shops offered by the City Council and monitoring use by commerce.

During this period there has been an increase of 11% in the collection of paper and card from shops and 4% in other waste generated by commerce. New initiatives will back up the information campaign in the next few weeks, with action focusing on establishments which continue with poor practice.

The campaign has reached 863 points in the city where some cleanliness issue or another has been identified. Apart from the 14,000 businesses, the campaign has also engaged with over 108,000 people by way of a survey on their perception of cleanliness in the city, informing them about good practice when it comes to clearing up after dogs, how to dispose of old furniture, junk and other items.


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