Unwavering commitment to sustainable tourism

Tourism. The international conference ‘Sustainable tourism for development in the framework of the new urban agenda’ resulted in the Barcelona Declaration to back more socially and environmentally friendly tourism.

For two days, experts on sustainable tourism, climate, innovation and co-existence from all over the world took part in the international conference ‘Sustainable tourism for development in the framework of the new urban agenda’. The conference concluded with the presentation of the Barcelona Declaration, outlining the main commitments and strategy areas agreed on by participants and open to all other cities committed to sustainable tourism.

Besides the experts, the conference also involved representatives from local government and operators in the tourist industry. The resulting Barcelona Declaration points out that in relation to tourism: “Tourist activity has to be a driving forcé in eceonomic development, creating new Jobs and generating gratifying experiences for visitors and city residents alike”.

Speaking at the end of the conference, the Councillor for Enterprise and Tourism, Agustí Colom, affirmed: “Local administrations have a key role to play in leading the development of tourism and we must take responsibility for reducing the environmental impact of tourism, as well as the challenge of social, economic and cultural integration”.

The Councillor maintained that “sustainability is not an option, but rather an unwavering commitment”, confirming the commitment of the City Council to “promote tourism by and for everyone, with accessibility playing a key role, as a facilitator of dialogues and means of strengthening positive ties with local economies”.