Subject areas

The aim of the Area of Enterprise, Culture and Innovation is to draw up Barcelona City Council's public policies targeted at two areas. The first involves promoting a productive, competitive and sustainable economy which can meet one of the main challenges facing the city: creating quality employment.

The second involves developing Barcelona City Council’s cultural policies, which are designed to foster access to culture, to generate public interest and support for its creation, to consolidate the creative sectors and further establish Barcelona as a reference point for culture throughout Europe.

Both spheres work together, establishing mainstream projects in order to create links between the city’s economic and cultural sectors.

At the same time, this office is directly responsible for commerce and markets, a sphere in which we are working to promote the local economy and social cohesion in the neighbourhoods, as well as business and tourism.

In terms of tourism, public policies are designed to achieve a balance between tourist activity and the lives of local people, by taking actions aimed at achieving sustainable tourism with its benefits being shared by the city as a whole.

In addition to this, initiatives are being taken to support business, enterprise, international economic promotion and innovation through Barcelona Activa. In pursuing the goal of creating quality employment, work is being done to develop and attract investment in and to the city which is linked to the productive economy and serves to bolster the fabric of Barcelona’s economy.