Tourism is one of Barcelona's most important activities and one of the City Council's priorities, given its contribution to the city's economy and the various effects it has on urban life.

Barcelona has grown as an international tourist destination since the 1992 Olympic Games, and tourism has played a key role in the transformations the city has undergone. In the last few years, tourist activity has mushroomed in the city, sparking public debate on its sustainability and development.

So Barcelona City Council approved the setting up of the City and Tourism Council, an advisory body drawn from the tourist sector itself, as well as the drafting of a new 2020 strategic plan for tourism, defining the way forward for managing tourism in the city over the next few years.

The purpose of this portal is to make information available to the general public, and all those people interested in tourism in Barcelona, regarding the initiatives undertaken by the City Council and the decisions arising from discussions between institutions, associations and other bodies, as well as offering statistical data that will provide a more detailed picture of the state of tourism in the city.

Barcelona, a leader in sustainable tourism

Barcelona promotes a type of tourism based on economic, social, environmental and cultural sustainability, to ensure residents and visitors respect and enjoy the city equally. For this reason, Barcelona aims to be a sustainable tourist destination that is managed responsibly and has a cross-cutting strategy that ensures long-term development.

In 2011, Barcelona was the first city in the world to be awarded Biosphere certification as a responsible tourist destination, in line with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council's criteria.