• Christmas in Barcelona

    The city is packed with activities and solidarity this Christmas. Don't miss out on them.

  • Low-emissions zones

    Traffic restrictions in the low-emissions zone in Barcelona’s ring-road area will apply as from December 2017, on days when there is NO2 pollution.

  • Barcelona commerce sounds good

    Discover the city’s local commerce and get along to neighbourhood markets and shopping hubs.

  • Grants for energy-saving renovations

    We will help you to be more energy efficient and to generate your own power using solar energy

  • Sidewalks for pedestrians

    We’re watching over to make the city safer and friendlier.

  • The authentic Christmas paper

    Presents bought from neighbourhood shops this Christmas will be wrapped in sustainable paper and solidarity clothes to promote local commerce and raise awareness of the importance of keeping our neighbourhoods alive.

  • Neighbourhood Plan

    Shock plan against inequality

  • Good work, Barcelona!

    Aid programme for stable hiring. Consult the grants and subsidies.

  • Draft budget for 2018

    Find out about the main priorities of the draft municipal budget for 2018.

  • Revamp your toys

    Toys you no longer use can be used by others. Find the exchange point closest to you!

  • New memory programmes website

    A look at the city’s democratic and popular memory.

  • Call open

    See registration deadline for each category or contest on the web.

15/12/2017 - 14:23h

An exhibition to remember the Hipercor attack

Memory. ‘La ferida d’Hipercor. Barcelona 1987’ looks back at the attack which rocked the city and is on at the Espai Zero at the Fabra i Coats Art Factory up until 11 March 2018.

14/12/2017 - 16:47h

More public jobs to improve public services

City Council. Approval was given today for 1,911 new public sector jobs, enabling greater stability within the municipal workforce and mainly meaning a boost for the fields of...

The City Council by subject area

  • Economy and Employment, Digital City and International Relations
    • Work
    • Economy
    • Strategic planning and budgets
    • Cooperative, Social and Solidarity Economy and Consumer Affairs
    • Historical memory
    • International relations and global justice
    • Digital technology and Innovation
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  • Enterprise, Culture and Innovation
    • Business
    • Culture
    • Innovation and knowledge
    • Tourism
    • Commerce
    • Markets
    • Promoting de City
    • Management of municipal services
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  • Social Rights
    • Social Services
    • People with disabilities
    • Senior citizens
    • Children
    • Public health
    • Education
    • Housing
    • Vulnerable people
    • Adolescents and Youth
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  • Citizen Rights, Participation and Transparency
    • Transparency
    • Participation
    • Immigration
    • Sport
    • Local facilities
    • Feminism and LGTBI
    • Citizen rights and diversity
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  • Ecology, Urban Planning and Mobility
    • Environment
    • Mobility and transport
    • Urban Services
    • Urban Planning
    • Infrastructures
    • Public works
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  • Safety and Prevention
    • Safety
    • Prevention
    • Mediation
    • City Police
    • Firefighters
    • Civil Protection
    • Self-protection
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