The Barcelona Sports Institute recognises the positive values of sport and the work carried out in the Catalan capital by men, women, children, young people, clubs, institutions and associations. It does so with a series of awards, the aim of which is to recognise and highlight aspects of sporting practise that educate and help to ensure greater cohesion in the city.

Joan Serra Educational Dance Prize

The Joan Serra Educational Dance Prize is an award given out in recognition of the merits of an association or person working to raise the profile of and promote dance from an educational perspective.

So individuals and groups will be able to enter for the award, at their own initiative or on the proposal of other natural or legal persons, in which case they will need to produce documents on an educational dance project that has been carried out or which is presently being carried out.

The project will be assessed by a jury under several criteria, such as content, scope, influence, involvement and period of its application.

The first edition of this contest takes place in 2014. It will be held every year and the awards ceremony will take place during the same school year that the competition was announced. It is an honorary prize.


Women and Sport Prize

The aim of the Women and Sport Prize is to highlight the role played by women in sport and also to recognise the merits of the competitive sports careers or sporting achievements of sportswomen. It also recognises organisations or groups that play an important role in promoting and spreading women's sport.

The award categories are as follows:

  • Mireia Tapiador Prize for the Promotion of Sport
  • Media Prize
  • Women's Sports Personality Prize
  • Sports Club Prize

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"Compta fins a tres" Awards

The “Compta fins a tres” (Count to three) Awards have been held for more than a decade now as part of the campaign to promote educational values through sport.

There are four award categories: individuals, groups, institutional award and special award.

Both the individual and group awards are awarded to people, organisations or projects that stand out for their conduct and work with regard to promoting the positive and educational values of sport. The nominees for the institutional award can be any town council in the Barcelona province that runs an educational project on values aimed at agencies involved in school-age sport in their municipality.

The nominees for the special award can be individuals or legal entities that have made outstanding achievements or do extraordinary work, in accordance with the principles and proposals championed by the campaign to promote values.

The award ceremony usually takes place in the spring.

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"La Competició +" Awards

These awards recognise the performance of students in biathlon and triathlon events, and also the values of sport.

Awards are given to the best performing students in both events and also to boys and girls who have shown solidarity, who have overcome challenges or who have persevered or made a special effort.

Nominees for the solidarity award should be students who have done something worthy of mention to help one of their colleagues; the award for individual achievement goes to a student with some form of disability who has managed to participate in the event; and lastly, the award for effort and perseverance goes to a student who may not have achieved the best result in the event but is considered to have made a special effort, worthy of an award.

The awards form part of the school sports programme “L’escola fa esport a la ciutat” (Schools do sport in the city)

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