How is the Municipal Sports Council organised?

The Barcelona Municipal Sports Council is comprised of the following bodies and participatory forums:

• The Plenary
• The Presidency
• The Vice-presidencies
• The Standing Committee
• The Secretary
• The Working Groups

The Plenary

This is the highest decision-making body of the Barcelona Municipal Sports Council. Plenary meetings are held at least twice a year. It is comprised of representatives of the city's various sports agents.

The Presidency

The Vice-presidencies

The Council has two vice-presidents: the first vice-president is nominated by the plenary members representing sports clubs, associations and institutions, and the second is nominated by the president of the Barcelona Municipal Sports Council.

The Standing Committee

This body is a continuation of the Council Plenary and is responsible for producing reports on matters for which the Plenary is responsible, for their approval, and any other matters that may be delegated. The committee holds ordinary meetings at least once every three months.

It is comprised of a small number of plenary members representing the different personalities, political representatives, institutions, clubs, organisations, associations, federations, professional bodies and municipal staff that form part of it.

The Secretary

The position of the Council secretary is held by a municipal sports expert appointed by the president from among the municipal staff working in the field of sport.

Their role is to attend sessions, with the right to speak in debates but without a vote, in order to:

  • Advise and provide technical support to all members of the Council on any issues relating to the purpose and competencies of the Council.
  • Co-ordinate the mechanisms that ensure communication, co-ordination and relations with other municipal departments
  • Call the sessions, as requested by the president.
  • Take minutes during the sessions and issue the certificates of agreements adopted with the approval of the president. Keep and archive the minutes.
  • Carry out the required communication activities
  • Carry out any other duties inherent in the role.
  • Ensure the smooth running of working groups and committees.

Working Groups

Given the diversity of the roles and areas of activity of the Council, and to ensure its smooth running, temporary working groups can be set up on different issues to be studied or assessed. The results of their studies and reports are then presented to the Standing Committee who will duly inform the Barcelona Municipal Sports Council Plenary.

When each working group or committee is set up, its composition (plenary members or external people) is decided on, along with its aims.

Each working group also decides how often it will meet and how it will operate, depending on the objectives to be achieved.