Barcelona City Council allocates a line of subsidies for renovating sports facilities

31/05/2018 - 17:35

Subsidies. The campaign, which is open until 22 June, offers grants for private sports facilities run by non-profit organisations.

The Barcelona Institute of Sports is funding this first campaign with the amount of €400,000. The City Council has also allocated over €8,000,000 of subsidies to projects and events managed by Barcelona sports federations.

Private sports facilities can benefit from a new line of subsidies opened by the Barcelona Institute of Sports, provided that they are run by non-profit clubs, organisations or associations. For Marta Carranza, the Commissioner for Sport, “this is one more line of support that we are offering the city’s sports associations, a network that promotes grass-roots sport every day with their efforts; we believe we have to be at their side and facilitate the valuable work they do”.

Basically, the concepts that qualify for subsidies are projects that invest in safety; adapting to federation regulations, accessibility and the removal of architectural barriers, energy efficiency; provision of activated sports equipment, and other improvement work. The application period ends on 22 June and the application forms and relevant information can be found here.

€8,160,000 in subsidies for federations

In 2017, the city’s sports federations received a total of €1,050,000 in municipal subsidies for developing their sports projects. City of Barcelona International Trophies, helping children and young people under the age of 17 to pay for federation licences, support for inclusive and adapted sport, etc. Another €7,110,000, paid since 2016, must be added to that figure, allocated to the three next big international sporting events: the European Water Polo Championships in July 2018, the Pilota World Championship in October 2018, and Barcelona World Roller Games 2019.