The Ronda Verda, the ideal place for sport in Barcelona

06/08/2018 - 12:27

Activities. Barcelona offers various options to practise sport. One of those options is the Ronda Verda, a cycle route spanning 72 kilometres which passes through different municipalities of the Barcelonès county.

The Ronda Verda is a circuit made up of well signalled cycle paths and tracks which traverses the great natural features of the Barcelonès county. It is principally a route for leisure and tourist uses, the length of which measures approximately 72 kilometres, and runs through different municipalities in the region, including Barcelona. Whilst the Ronda Verda is intended for cyclists, it is also a very attractive route to practise other types of sport, such as running.

The route is split into 6 sections:

-Collserola Park

With Tibidabo as its most emblematic peak, Collserola Park extends over 8,000 hectares. A predominantly woodland area, with a great variety of plant formations demonstrating valuable biological diversity.

-Besòs Riverside Park

This section of the Ronda Verda connects the Collserola Park and the Sea Front together. It measures approximately five kilometres.

-Serralada de Marina Park

This natural area forms part of the Serralada Litoral and covers a total area of 2,068 hectares. Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy Iberian settlements, hilltop chapels, monasteries, as well as many natural springs and rest areas.

-Sea Front

The Ronda Verda runs along the sea front in Barcelona, Sant Adrià de Besòs and Badalona.


In this section, the route passes by many museums, sports facilities, parks and gardens. The route has splendid views of the city of Barcelona and its surroundings.


This route brings you close to the Llobregat basin, allowing connections with the river channel, the delta area and Collserola Park.