Service Bureau for Barcelona Clubs

The Strategic Sports Plan of Barcelona is considering the project of a Service Bureau for Clubs. The purpose of this bureau is to offer support services to help run one of the main assets of the city: its significant network of sports clubs.

The Service Bureau for Clubs of the city of Barcelona, which will be managed by the Unió de Federacions Esportives de Catalunya (UFEC) - Association of Sports Federations of Catalonia, will provide clubs of the city a set of services and instruments, free of charge, to facilitate the running of their activities and projects.

Below are the main face-to-face and virtual services to be provided by the Bureau:
- tax and labour advice
- accounting advice
- legal advice
- press and communication service
- services concerning corporate image
- language service
- services to apply for grants
- training programmes on the management of entities and legal obligations.

This Bureau is available to all sports clubs of the city of Barcelona.

Special professional groups will be used to provide this advisory service, which are suitable to each topic given.

The Service Bureau for Barcelona Clubs will be located at La Rambla de Catalunya, no. 81 of Barcelona.