• Sports programmes

    In Barcelona, we live and breathe sport from Collserola to the sea. Sport is the engine that makes the city move, that unites the people of Barcelona in the city's neighbourhoods, schools, squares, parks and streets.

    Sport infuses the city with its positive values: from the educational stage, in schools, to major competitions with the celebration of championships and events with an international impact and great economic weight, through to grass-roots sport. The Catalan capital has a solid network of sports clubs, associations and entities firmly established in the city that form its sporting foundations.

    In Barcelona, the Barcelona Sports Institute (IBE) and the city's various players from the world of sport give impetus to a whole series of programmes and services that aim to connect the Catalan capital and respond to the needs and demands of all Barcelona's citizens.

    The various activities carried out cover diverse areas and dimensions of sport.


Social cohesion and sports

The Sport and social cohesion dimension dimension uses sport to specifically favour segments of the population that have difficulty accessing sports activities. Among other measures, it promotes campaigns aimed at adolescents and also promotes solidarity programmes.

The activities in this area entail carrying out cross-sector programmes:

Women and Sport

Women's Race (Cursa de les Dones)

This is a 5-kilometre race along the streets of the city which is exclusively for women. This important initiative aims to encourage women to do physical activity in general, take part in the city's sporting events and visualise women's sports. And it takes place in association with a solidarity event in the fight against breast cancer.Training: the aim is to offer women a free training programme prior to the race, for beginners or the more advanced, in order to ensure a healthy, safe and high-quality sports activity. Post-race training sessions are also being organised with the aim of providing a possible continuation of physical activity by proposing the Cursa dels Nassos (Nose Race) as the next challenge.

Women and Sport Awards

The Women and Sports Awards aim to highlight the role of women in sport by recognising a sportswoman and a female sports promoter who have had outstanding personal and professional careers, as well as a media award for an organisation that has made an important contribution in promoting and giving publicity to women's sports. The awards are as follows:

  • The Mireia Tapiador Award for the Promotion of Sport.
  • The Sportswoman Award.
  • The Media Award.
  • City Club or Organisation Award (proposed for next year).

More information

Women and Sport Notebook

The Women and Sport Notebook is a collection with a historical and present-day perspective on women's participation in sport. It contains the biographies of the Women and Sport Awards winners, as well as good practices in the promotion of women's sports.

School mothers project

In conjunction with the Cursa de les Dones (Women's Race), mothers from state-funded educational centres are invited to prepare for and take part in the race. A meeting will be held before the race to explain the need for physical exercise, even during the time when taking care of children is a priority. Training plans for beginners are made available and race registration is free of charge. Additionally, those mothers who habitually go running and take part in races are sought out to encourage, advise and guide the group. The participation of the centre's management and physical education staff is essential.

Women and sport website



"Barcelona Sport Includes" Programme

  • This programme is aimed specifically at people with a physical or intellectual disability, hearing or visual impairment and/or mental disorder who live in Barcelona.
  • Its aim is to ensure sports activities and sports facilities are accessible to these people and to protect and promote their right to do or play sport on equal terms with the rest of the population. It is about ensuring there are no limitations or barriers to doing physical activity, promoting inclusive sport with a space for everyone.
  • This is a cross-cutting programme that will be applied in conjunction with all the other programmes carried out: it will foster the promotion, diversification and dissemination of the range of services and activities available, the quality of the services, the management of resources for everyone without exception, and will promote wider and more equal use of sports facilities in all districts of the city and among all groups.