• Sports programmes

    In Barcelona, we live and breathe sport from Collserola to the sea. Sport is the engine that makes the city move, that unites the people of Barcelona in the city's neighbourhoods, schools, squares, parks and streets.

    Sport infuses the city with its positive values: from the educational stage, in schools, to major competitions with the celebration of championships and events with an international impact and great economic weight, through to grass-roots sport. The Catalan capital has a solid network of sports clubs, associations and entities firmly established in the city that form its sporting foundations.

    In Barcelona, the Barcelona Sports Institute (IBE) and the city's various players from the world of sport give impetus to a whole series of programmes and services that aim to connect the Catalan capital and respond to the needs and demands of all Barcelona's citizens.

    The various activities carried out cover diverse areas and dimensions of sport.


Sport and clubs

The "Sport and clubs" dimension encompasses both high profile clubs with high potential and more modest entities and clubs. That means the entire network of associations across Barcelona.

This is a fundamental part of the city's sports structure: comprised both of hundred-year-old high performance clubs, local neighbourhood clubs, multi-sport clubs, clubs specialising in one sport, etc. Here there is room for everyone, both high-level and professional sportsmen and women and amateurs.

All of this generates a highly diverse group of sports and competition models. It could be said that, if a sport exists, then you can almost certainly do it or play it in Barcelona.


Sport and clubs incorporates:

* In all competitive categories within grass-roots and high-performance sport, both amateur and professional. In voluntary clubs or professional clubs.