What is the Barcelona Strategic Plan for Sport?

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Through the Barcelona Sports Institute, Barcelona City Council aims to give impetus to sports policy in the city in all areas in order to meet the needs and demands generated by sport in Barcelona.

To this end, it has drawn up the Strategic Plan for Sport, the instrument used to define the strategy for improving the sports system in Barcelona in the future.

The Plan came about as a result of a process involving representatives from different sectors and the various players and agents involved in sport in Barcelona.



Participatory process


Participatory process

Two strategies have been employed to enable the participation of the various players:

  1. Participation in person:
    Divided into 3 plenary sessions:
    1- Presentation of dimensions and visions,
    2- Validation of assets and shortfalls and prospects for future development
    3- Presentation of Master Plans and Strategic Projects, 2012-2022.
  2. Virtual participation:
    Via email and the social networks Facebook and Twitter.

Stages of the Plan


Stages of the Plan

The Strategic Plan for Sport has been divided into the following stages:

  1. Launch
  2. Diagnosis and research
  3. Definition and formulation
  4. Drafting and approval of the Plan
  5. Managing implementation