This section contains information on Barcelona City Council's credit rating given by the main rating agencies.

Should be mentioned that the debt assessment related to the ratings of the Barcelona City Council is limited (to its maximum value) by the rating assessment of the Spanish Central Government, even showing a solid financial situation that could imply a better rating assessment.


S&P Global Ratings 'aa' A- positive Press Release of S&P Global Ratings. March 2018 (PDF)

Open document of S&P Global Ratings. March 2018 (PDF)
Fitch   A- stable Press Release Fitch. September 2018 (PDF)

Press Release Fitch. March 2018 (PDF)

Open document of Fitch Report. March 2018 (PDF)
Moody's Investors Service   Baa1 stable Press Release Moody's. April 2018 (PDF)

Open document of Moody's Report. February 2018 (PDF)

Open document of Moody's Report. April 2018 (PDF)

*The ICL, according to the methods used by S&P for rating local and regional governments (LRG), is not a rating but a means for assessing the intrinsic solvency of an LRG on the premise that there is no ceiling to the sovereign rating. The ICL shows the results of the combination of the assessment of the LRG's individual credit-profile with the institutional framework it operates under.]