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Big Gandula Party

March 10, 2017

On March 10, to celebrate the launch of the debut album of Big Ok, a band formed by Sara Fontán, Paul Fuster and Edi Pou, Gandula and Chesapik are jointly organising a concert with a bill that also includes 13 Year Cicada (Germany), Astrio and DJ Papadupau (Za!).

Big Ok take inspiration from their shared influences, which range from Frank Sinatra to Lungfish, Morphine, Fugazi and Shellac, to create their own musical language. Their sound is absolutely unique, since Paul Fuster makes his own instruments from wood and aluminium, Sara Fontán uses different special musical effects and Edi Pou performs on broken plates and pans from IKEA.

Listen to the first single from the new album here.

Big Gandula Party

March 10, at 8 pm.

Tickets on sale at and

Advance: €10. At door: €12