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Autorship: inside and out

March 25, 2017

Among its objectives, PAAC, Associative Platform of Artists of Catalonia, aims to bring together artistic practices and to represent them, at the same time as identifying any possible issues that affect artists with regard to their moral and economic rights and those on ethics and work.

Since the foundation of our association, many visual artists have questioned whether or not the collective management model is a viable alternative in a world in which contemporary creation copies, reuses, recycles and shares or is so conceptual that in many cases cannot be qualified as a “piece of art” according to intellectual property laws.

This debate aims to respond to some of these concerns and also to give a place and voice to all those interested in the subject.

We also believe that institutions such as VEGAP are making an effort to adapt to contemporary creation, by allowing, for example, its members the opportunity to exclude from its management mandate works with creative commons licences.

With the support of Fabra i Coats, the desire of this conference is to establish a dialogue between different visual arts sector professionals and VEGAP, to compare opinions and to provide an opportunity for discussion in an open and participative space for debate. 


Abel Garriga, copyright lawyer

Andreu Meixide, organiser of the BccN-Barcelona Creative Commons Film Festival

Beatriz Panadés, deputy director of VEGAP

Montserrat Soto, artist and member of VEGAP

Xavier Bassas, philosopher, translator and editor of art and politics

Moderator: Eva Sòria, copyright and contemporary creation expert


Saturday 25 March. 11:00 to 14:30. Second Floor of Fabra i Coats Art Factory