Barcelona Cultura


Un mundo ideal. El supermercado del Antropoceno ('An Ideal World. The Anthropocene Supermarket')

May 20 - July 16, 2017

1st Floor

Sant Andreu Contemporani presents Un mundo ideal. El supermercado del Antropoceno ('An ideal world. The Anthropocene supermarket), an exhibition showcasing works by the finalists of the Miquel Casablancas Prize, in the 'Artwork' category. The exhibition also includes the dossiers for the finalists in the other categories: 'Project', 'Publication' and 'Visual communication'.

The exhibition will be open during Barcelona Museum Night on Saturday 20 May, from 7 pm to 1 am.

The exhibition opening and award ceremony will take place on 26 May.

19:00 Guided visit with the finalists and resident artists
20:00 Award ceremony
21:00 Bar and DJ set

Where: First floor of Fabra i Coats - Contemporary Art Centre, Barcelona

The finalists

In the 'Artwork' category: Alexander Arilla, Marion Balac, Joan Bennassar, Ana Esteve Reig, Ignacio García Sánchez, Marian Garrido, Abel Jaramillo, Gala Knörr, ZuharIruretagoiena, Daniel Moreno Roldán, Ariadna Parreu, Maria Reme Silvestre, El Palomar (R. Marcos Mota and Mariokissme).

In the 'Project' category: Marina Agramunt and Alejandro Solé, Carlos Fernández-Pello, Rafael Pérez Evans, Costa Diadema (Camille Orny and Magda Vaz), Internet2 (Carlos Carbonell).

In the 'Publication' category: Alán Carrasco, Pau Magrané, Pedro Torres, Diásporascríticas (Rebecca Close and Anyely Marín Cisneros).

In the 'Visual Communication' category: Jordi Oms, en-tre-studio (Mariona Alegre, Estela Ibarz, Laura Santarelli and Mireia Llach), ¥€$Si PERSE.

The exhibition will also feature works by the artists who participated in the 2016 SAC-FiC Residency Programme: Santiago Doljanin, Alexandra Garcia and Shani Bar.

This year's jury panel was made up of Julia Morandeira (independent curator), Jesús Alcaide (independent curator) and Antoni Hervàs (artist), as well as members of Sant Andreu District Council and the team at Sant Andreu Contemporani.