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Boustrophedón - BAR project

June 20 - July 23, 2017

L’art de se faire avoir // El arte del engaño // The Art of Deception, 2017, Tali Serruya in collaboration with Gian Spina, Iván Gorzalczany and Ilan Serruya. Project included in the framework of the BAR International Symposium “Making Public Program” (20-24 March, 2017, Barcelona). Photograph: Eva Carasol.


Boustrophēdón refers to the type of writing or the method of writing in which the lines run from left to right and from right to left, or vice versa, describing a snake-like motion, and which appears in numerous ancient inscriptions, among them Greek”. The exhibition study, Boustrophēdón, presents projects by Julia Gorostidi, Tali Serruya, Enea Palmeto, Alejandra Avilés and Ibai Hernandorena, and includes questions relating to producing and inhabiting indefinite and adjoining spaces, analysing or assaying lateral movements, creating spontaneous moments of coming together, rethinking the shape of identity in the contemporary world and pushing daily situations to the limit. 

The different projects shape an open and organic weave in which the common interests and differences that have gradually appeared during the eight months of complicity intertwine and converge, and which now take form in an exhibition space. Boustrophēdón is the final project of BAR TOOL #0, a practice-based training programme curated by BAR Project. Following a period of common work, study and practice, in a context of professional and human exchange, this moment is not a decisive end but the start of a new chapter in which the practice of each participant enters once again into dialogue with that of the others.





BAR TOOL is a practice-based training programme articulated around research, production and presentation processes. Furthering interdisciplinary forms of thinking and acting, the programme is designed for participants from different fields of knowledge with practices that are both arts-related or non-arts related. Over eight months an environment of hospitality is encouraged, in which the circulation of knowledge occurs through conversation and action, in a generational and epistemological convergence. BAR TOOL contributes to the practical knowledge that has until now guided the BAR project. The programme focuses on creating a context for professional exchange through “practical discussions” and “theory workshops” with local and international tutors and a list of guests, visits and meetings, tailor-made to the participants’ interests.

An eight month practical training programme
November 2016 to June 2017
Created by BAR project
In collaboration with Fundació Antoni Tàpies and Fabra i Coats - Art Factory, Barcelona
TOOLests (participants): Julia Gorostidi (CH), Tali Serruya (AR), Enea Palmeto (SP), Alejandra Avilés (MX), Ibai Hernandorena (FR)
Mentored by Carles Guerra (director of the Foundació Antoni Tàpies), Dora García (artist), Veronica Valentini, Andrea Rodriguez Novoa and Juan Canela (BAR project curators) and monitored by the programme's coordinator Alba Vilamala i Plana.