Barcelona Cultura


REHOGAR • Open Design and Reuse

September 14 - October 29, 2017

The exhibition focuses on an open set of practices in design that aim to foment change in our current habits of consumption, that are capable of generating understanding and a distributed economy, or that explore paths towards social and environmental sustainability through the responsible use of resources.

In its ninth edition, REHOGAR pays particular attention to processes of transformation. These are made possible through techniques of reuse and open design methodologies, with the latter meaning design that grows and evolves because it can be improved upon for and with other people. In other words: objects, spaces, platforms, initiatives, and projects that are processes in themselves and that result in the generation of other processes. These processesare grounded inEthics of Care, in being in symbiosis with their surroundings and available resources, and they feature a collective dimension with respect to projection, production, distribution and use.

The exhibition explores a wide range of transformations through a selection of ideaswith malleable and shareable DNA, and reflects the processes, practices and tools that facilitate social transformation in daily life. It is a selection of interdisciplinary experiences that aim to serve as a map to explore spaces, methods, resources and communities that offerevidence, reasons, attitudes, politics, practices, implications and effects that sustain the development of projects that are collaborative, open source, or that focus on social and environmental responsibility, shared optimization of resources and openness towards experimental paths and models.

In parallel with the exhibition there will be a series of activities (workshops, demonstrations, presentations and debates) whose objective is to disseminate and explore the theoretical framework; experience first-hand and put into practice some of the exhibited solutions and ideas; and create spaces for remixing and entertainment that favour the generation and strengthening of collaborative networks.

Opening: Thursday, 14 September, 19.00