Barcelona Cultura


“We are Popular Culture”

January 21 - 24, 2016

We Are Popular Culture, the exhibition of intangible heritage in Barcelona, was launched with the goal of generating a true exchange of ideas and information amongst groups devoted to popular culture in the city: associations, organisations, the academic community and researchers. The purpose of this meeting, which will take place at various venues at Fabra i Coats – Art Factory on 21-24 January 2016, is to arouse curiosity amongst different sectors and encourage links between them.

The exhibition is designed to be highly plural, for which reason it is divided into several sections. “Know” features the Nomadic Museum, the “Space of Screens” and popular culture at school. “Teach Yourself” is devoted to associations, publishing, the media and fairs of festive products and toys. Popular culture needs to be experienced, and that is why “Live” will include demonstration performances, a food show and a sports tournament. Finally, the programme in the  “Explain Yourself-Tell Us” section will include assemblies, debates, the Tradi Radio and a meeting of wikipedists.

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