Barcelona Cultura


Exhibition of resident artists

March 18 - 19, 2016

This coming March 18 and 19, Fabra i Coats - Art Factory will open its doors to enable visitors to discover In Process, the exhibition of resident artists organised to present the projects that have been developed at the centre over the last few months.

The artists featured at this edition of the show are Eulàlia Garcia Valls, Juan Antonio Cerezuela, Natalia Carminati, Didógenes, Els malnascuts de la Sala Beckett and La Grieta. In Process will feature four visual arts projects and two performing arts shows, enabling audiences to see for themselves the diversity of artists and content that characterise day-to-day life at the art factory.

Eulàlia Garcia Valls has always been concerned with learning why the art system works as it does. In previous projects, she examined the concepts of authorship and the authority of the artist, as well as the original individuality of the artwork. Now, in Sometimes it is misplayed, the artist explores exhibition and reception in the art world, rethinking the exhibition format itself, as well as the meaning of exhibiting and the role played by exhibitions. Above all, however, she poses the question: What do we understand by “exhibition space”?

By gathering personal documents that have been forgotten in the trash bins of computers available for public use, Archive on Public Privacy, a project developed by the Didógenes group, lays bare our lack of awareness about things that we dump without thought due to the fact that they are virtual, rather than tangible.

Food Chain, by Natalia Carminati, is a research and art project that uses different visual and sensory media to propose a route through the human species seen as a chain formed by links in which the object shapes and dominates the subject.

La Grieta theatre company presents “Amor Caninus”, a piece that forms part of their show When We Were Lemmings. Performed at breakneck speed, the piece is full of unexpected twists and turns, enveloped in disturbing atmospheres and visual sensations that recreate episodes from everyday modern life in an intimate, intellectual, poetic and spiritual style.

In his project I Wish I Was Warhol But I'm Just an Unknown Artist, Juan Antonio Cerezuela meditates on the invisibility of many artists today, on the enormous divide that exists between the artist’s creative and production processes and the market and consumption of the art work that introduces the artist into the professional circuit.

Captives is a piece that reflects on the concept of alienation, an infinite paradox. Captives is spending hours and hours on the PlayStation, consuming commercials for fragrances, washing machines, cleaning products, cars and condoms. Captives is cutting the leaves off a plant, tearing the wings off a fly, looking without being seen and screaming with no one to hear you. Captives is Malnascuts 4, a new art and theatre company formed by Els malnascuts de la Sala Beckett.

Thanks to cooperation with Livemedia, moreover, users will be able to follow both days of In Process live on this website. The broadcast will begin an hour before the official opening of the event with interviews of the participating artists and a “making-of” featuring images revealing how the exhibition was organised.

In Process: Friday, March 18 at 8 pm; Saturday, March 19 at 7 pm. Admission free. Capacity limited.