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Preview Mixtur 2016

February 27 - April 2, 2016

This year’s edition of the Mixtur Festival, which will take place from April 21 to May 1, features the return of Mixtur Online, the platform for live streaming content focused on the festival programme, which is devoted to the music of exploration and interdisciplinary creation. Launched by Livemedia in cooperation with the Mixtur group —both initiatives linked to Fabra i Coats - Art Factory— the live streaming programme will begin broadcasting at 4 pm on April 2nd with the third and last of the special programmes in advance of the festival. The content will include interviews with artists and partners involved with this year’s event and an online discussion forum, established to complement the ten days of concerts, activities, master classes and workshops on the Mixtur 2016 programme.

Mixtur Online programme

Saturday, February 27, 4 pm

Session devoted to “Mixtur Commissions” works that will be presented for the first time at the Festival Mixtur 2016 thanks to the programme to promote creativity that has formed part of the initiative since its origins. Some of these artists will accompany the festival promoters in presenting this year’s programme.

Saturday, March 12, 4 pm

Presentation of En Residència, a project developed by the Mixtur Festival in cooperation with the In Situ Show and Fabra i Coats - Art Factory. The result is a work created by the dancer Albert Quesada and the composer Roger Costa. Those attending the presentation will include the composer Mireia de Querol, one of the directors of the show, and there will also be live connections with other artists, such as Manufaktur für aktuelle Musik, a resident group at the Mixtur Festival. The discussion will centre on the Mixtur 2016 call for proposals and the Sound Composition and Experimentation Workshop.

Saturday, April 2, 4 pm

Analysis of the international component of the Mixtur Festival in a live link-up with Rodrigo Sigal, director of the Mexican Centre for Music and Sound Art, and with other artists and festival partners.


Mixtur Online broadcasts: Saturday, February 27, March 12 and April 2, at 4 pm, on this website.