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Livestream video workshop

October 11, 2016

Since their first inception around 1995, livestream video technologies have always been at the forefront of the development of Internet technologies, if only because they have always been the most complex, costly and ethereal of online technologies to implement. This scenario is currently undergoing a radical change. Today, more than ever, we need to consider livestream video technologies, along with video games and mobile technologies, as a key driver of cultural innovation.

Over a ten-week period, based on the use of these technologies, Livemedia presents “Livestream Video Workshop: Cinematics of the Web" for the creation and production of a series of events, interactions, programmes and “live online” video livestream transmissions from Fabra i Coats - Art Factory. The workshop will end with an exhibition of the interventions generated.

The workshop is aimed at people who work in the cultural sector, including visual art, literature, music and sound art, the performing arts, audiovisual art and communication; it will approach livestream video technologies as a medium for artistic creation and cultural innovation.

The “Livestream Video Workshop: Cinematics of the Web " is designed to be:

- A creative space for the development of innovative formats of online audiovisual and cultural content in the context of the emergent "connected society".

- An intercultural and intersectoral meeting space for the generation of processes, ideas and knowledge and the promotion of new online cultural audiences, cross-border and global.

- An approach to Internet as a space in construction in which the audiovisual world transcends the limits of cinema or television and extends its scope to other artistic and cultural forms of expression.

The creative and artistic content generated at the workshop may adopt, for instance, the format of a live webseries or adhere to a single “cinematic take”. It may take the form of a livestream video installation or a transmission of an environment, an artwork, a performance...

Based on the vectors and aesthetics that online video technologies make possible, the focus of the workshop will be on constructing a live image, that is temporal and serial, a video image, text or sound that "exists" at the time it is created, transmitted and received by an audience that is present and trans-territorial. The pulse or "working mantra" of the workshop echoes the observation made by the philosopher Fredric Jameson: "today we suffer from an increasing inability to imagine a different future. What we need is a mediation on the impossible... an intense imagination for another stage which has not yet arrived".

Alongside access to the Livemedia's livestream video platform, the interventions created as part of the workshop can also include other online video tools, such as Skype, Periscope and Facebook Live, as well as any CGI image on a computer screen. Audio will also be an important element to consider in all proposals and projects generated by the workshop.

To provide a conceptual framework for the workshop, taking into account the potential impact of livestream video technologies in artistic, cultural and social practices and innovation in audiovisual content in an online and connected society, reference will be made to the writings of theorists such as Paul Virilio, for whom, in The Futurism of the Instant (2010): “Past, present and future contract in the omnipresent instant. A hyperrealist time. What sort of hyperrealism are we dealing with here? The ‘reality effect’ of screens. An excess of reality. At a distance and instantaneous, at once stereoscopic and stereophonic”; and Steven Shaviro, who wrote, in Post-Cinematic Affect (2010): "We are now witnessing the emergence of a different media regime, and indeed a different mode of production. In today's media landscape... when intensified continuity is pushed to this absurd, hyperbolic point, it does indeed result in a radical aesthetic ‘regime change’.”

Organisation of the workshop

The workshop will consist of an introduction to livestream video, including technologies, platforms and formats, as well as current online models for financing and sustainability, before focusing on constructing a series of cinematic creations for the Web. Groups and individuals taking part are expected to share and discuss the development of their projects with the other participants. Generally speaking, the workshop will adopt the format of an open, online seminar where all proposals will be developed according to their own “production workflow”, taking into consideration such matters as the “platform”, “original content” and “distribution scenario” for video in the field of art and culture. The workshop programme will end with an exhibition on the ground floor of Fabra i Coats, and a later period of time will be reserved for study and postproduction of the material generated.

The “Livestream Video Workshop: Cinematics of the Web" will take place at Fabra i Coats - Art Factory, where LIVEMEDIA is an associate project, and will be led by María de Marías and Andrew Colquhoun, cultural producers and audiovisual artists with great experience, both nationally and internationally, in interdisciplinary creation in the field of livestream video, networks of interaction and online video.

Deadline for registration: October 10.

Those interested in taking part should send CV and short cover letter explaining their motivation to (subject: FiC LIVESTREAM WORKSHOP), mentioning briefly: one or two cultural references (contemporary or not); an idea or proposal for production or field of interest suggested by the theme of the workshop; the audiovisual, digital or computer equipment available; and any other equipment or material that could be included (sound or musical instruments, props of all kind, lighting...).

Languages: Spanish, Catalan, English.

Registration fee once participation is confirmed: €40.

Further information and contact: and


Organised by: Livemedia and Fabra i Coats – Barcelona Art Factory

With the suport of: Institut de Cultura de l'Ajuntament de Barcelona

Directed by: María de Marías and Andrew Colquhoun of Livemedia

Workshop dates and times: from 14 October to 16 December 2016, Fridays from 5 to 9 pm and Saturdays from 11 am to 3 pm (20 four-hour sessions)

Public presentation: Thursday and Friday, 1 and 2 December 2016