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Livestream video workshop: transmission of processes and creative workflows

November 5 - 27, 2016

As part of the livestream video workshop Cinematics of the Web, iniciated by Livemedia this October, the processes and cinematic creative workflows made for the Web can be followed "live online" throughout the month of November at

The workshop, directed by María de Marías and Andrew Colquhoun, includes the participation of artists, writers and cultural producers from the visual arts, the performing arts, communication, audiovisuals, literature, cultural theory and music.

Based on the use of livestream video technologies as an artistic medium for creation, participation and the transmission of knowledge, the workshop revolves around a series of events and interactions, programmes and transmissions live online from Fabra i Coats – Art Factory and other sites, transmitted online via the Livemedia livestream video platform with the integration of other online communication tools, such as Skype and Periscope.

In addition to these online transmissions, on Thursday and Friday, December 1 and 2, it will be possible to see the proposals and interventions produced at the workshop in a public presentation at Fabra i Coats as well as live online at The exhibition will include the installation of a transmission environment open for meetings, debates and participation, both online and offline.

The transmissions will take place on Fridays and Saturdays during the month of November. The programming and times will be announced every week at