Barcelona Cultura


New Artists-in-Residence at the Art Factory

January 1, 2017

From the applications submitted to the two calls for proposals organised by Fabra i Coats - Art Factory for the 2017 season, the jury has now selected a total of forty projects.

The artists and art groups who will be resident at the art factory in 2017 are:

Agitart, Anna Irina Russell, Blood Quartet, Brígida Campbell, Companyia Alçada Mínima and Compagnie du sarment, Cooperativa General Humana, CrossingLines Ensemble and Frames Percussion, Daniel Ginebroza Conde and Patricia Boquete Sancho, Dei Furbi, DUAE Editions, Handmade Dance, Iron Skulls Co, Jordi Bosch Molina, Koniclab, La [SIC], La Banda, Luzie Milena Weigelt, Múcab Dans, Natalia Carminati, Pedra and Piña, Project Group Woon and Technopolitans.

The projects selected to form part of the Cultural Initiative Incubator are:

La Nave Va, Agost Produccions, Makeatuvida, Associació Franz Schubert, BDDANSA-EXPLICADANSA, Flamingo Tours, TOOL_Eines per la Cultura, Platoniq, Idensitat, Infindie, La Pell de la Ciutat, Librújula, Pista >34, Pedra, Red Rombo, Slow Walk Music, The Good Good and Escalera de Incendios.

Added to these forty projects are four artists who will develop their work at the art factory from February to June within the framework of cooperation with the University of Barcelona’s Master in Production and Artistic Research: Juan David Ortiz, Lucía Royo, Hannah Berestizhevsky and Álex Palacín Mejías.

Under the SAC-FiC Programme of Residencies, promoted by Sant Andreu Contemporani, three visual artists will be provided with workspace at the art factory for a year, linked to a production grant. These four artists are:  Mònica Planes, Helena Vinent and Joan Pallé.

As every year, moreover, BAR Project will offer residencies of varying durations to a series of international artists and curators in order to encourage contacts between them and stakeholders on the local art scene. From March to June, the BAR residents will be Daisuke Kosugi, Ina Hagen, Valerio del Baglivo and Cecile B Evans.

An important new development in 2017 is the link between Fabra i Coats - Art Factory and Barcelona City of Literature, cooperation which takes the form of three writers’ residencies at the art factory in the context of the Montserrat Roig stipend program.

The Association of Professional Actors and Directors of Catalonia (AADPC), which has its offices at Fabra i Coats, will also continue to offer residencies to its members through a series of quarterly calls for proposals. Finally, thanks to an agreement between Fabra i Coats and the Grec Festival of Barcelona, some of the companies scheduled to appear on the 2017 festival programme will be able to rehearse their productions at the art factory.