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The postal history of the Crown of Aragon in the collection of Fra Andreu of Palma

Manuel de Lete i de Triay (1869 – 1963), more commonly known as Fra Andreu of Palma, was a Mallorcan priest who had two great vocations: the religious and the intellectual.

A portrait of the Costa Brava in full colour

This summer, Jordi Puig’s book Costa Brava Postals 1960’s-1970’s was presented to the general public. The book brings together 600 postcards, selected from a total of 9,000, which reflect on the change that has taken...

The underground train that transported London’s mail reopens its doors

The London Postal Museum is relaunching one of the underground trains that used to transport the city’s mail. A railway network that carried up to four million letters every day.

This summer we’re going to be diving into the Sàpiens pool!

In the sweltering heat of these summer months, we recommend the following: a sun bed, a very cold drink, and some interesting reading matter: Sàpiens.

Legal redress law for the victims of Francoism

Thursday 29th June 2017 is a date that will go down in Catalan history. The Parliament of Catalonia has passed a law providing legal redress for people who suffered victimisation under Francoism.

David Bowie and the stamps from space

This year, from 25th May to 25th September, you have the chance to visit the David Bowie tribute exhibition David Bowie is, currently being held at Barcelona’s Museu del Disseny. After the artiste’s death in...

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