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This summer we’re going to be diving into the Sàpiens pool!

In the sweltering heat of these summer months, we recommend the following: a sun bed, a very cold drink, and some interesting reading matter: Sàpiens.

From July to September, the Ramon Marull Philately Collection is opening a philately window in Sàpiens, the magazine that specialises in everything to do with history. Specifically, you will find us in the section ‘Abans de l’e-mail’ (Before email), where we will be presenting a selection of unusual stories based on stamps from the Ramon Marull Collection.

This initiative was devised out of a desire to promote wider interest in philately, though not simply for financial ends (as is so often the case), but as a tool to help us understand and learn about modern history, in addition to (naturally) encouraging more people to start collecting stamps.