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Discarding your car is free of charge

Making sure there are no abandoned cars in Barcelona doesn’t cost anything.

Because it doesn’t cost anything to unlicense a vehicle and deliver it to any of the city pounds. The Guardia Urbana will also remove it from the street free of charge.

We offer three options to complete this procedure quickly and without any cost to the person requiring the service.

  • Deliver the vehicle to any of the city vehicle pounds.
  • Deliver the vehicle to the pound in the Polígon Can Estapé in Castellbisbal: as well as unlicensing the vehicle for free, you will receive 15.03 euros if it is a car or lorry and 301 euros if it is a motorbike.
  • Request for the removal of the vehicle, indicating exactly where it is parked, at any of the local divisions of the Guardia Urbana or at the information office in the Prefecture of the Guardia Urbana.

More information on discarding a vehicle