Recommendations for the “I am not afraid” demonstration

Barcelona is a city of peace, a city with a long tradition of filling its streets and squares in opposition to violence and support of freedom and democracy. But when there is a large gathering of people, it is important to follow the Civil Protection department’s advice. These are their recommendations for this Saturday’s "I am not afaid” demonstration.

At an event where a large gathering of people is expected, follow these recommendations.

  • Follow the official information on the event and recommendations on transport.
  • It is important that you wear comfortable clothing and shoes that protect your feet well.
  • Go well hydrated and take some bottles of water with you.
  • Locate the emergency exits and evacuation routes. Follow the instructions of the organisers and security staff.
  • If you go with someone or in a group, agree on a meeting point in case you get separated or lost.
  • If you go with children, carry them on your shoulders or hold their hand. Identify children with their name and a contact phone number.
  • Do not climb on barriers, railings or other unstable elements that could be dangerous.
  • Once the event has finished, be patient and leave the venue in an orderly fashion.

In the event of an emergency

Keep calm and pay attention to the instructions of the emergency services.

  • Head for the exits as indicated without stopping. Do not go back under any circumstances.
  • Try not to shout, run or push others.
  • Once you are in a safe area, if you cannot find anyone, notify the emergency services.
  • Remember the number to ring for emergencies is 112.